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City Council & Planning Commission: Portal / Links

A plan that is not feasible is no plan at all.

If the Gateway Plan is not going to provide truly affordable housing for the people who need it, then what’s the point? If working people can’t buy a home and can’t afford the rent, then we need to think this through more.

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For the September 26, 2023, Study Session
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 General concerns

Housing issues

Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

Solar Shadowing – 3D images, videos, and more 

September, 2023 Estimated reading times shown

For the August 22, 2023 joint City Council / Planning Commission study session


August, 2023

Currently of interest:

The State Density Bonus laws and the Gateway Community Benefits program

What’s popular and of interest right now

Gateway Density & Feasibility Study

Will upper floor step-backs vanish?

Parking issues and questions

Should the K/L Street couplet be an option or a recommendation?

(A review of the Planning Commissioners’ straw poll vote)

Latest Form-Based Code articles

New Articles


Inclusionary Zoning

Form-Based Code

Older articles that are topical right now

General Interest

Transportation Safety Committee 

Creamery meetings – Maps and Business information

Current topics – for the Planning Commission 

Rezoning articles and issues

The Planning Commission wants to decrease public input, and continues to violate the Brown Act “transparence” laws.

The L Street Pathway and Linear Park

Sea Level Rise


City Council articles

Visualizing Housing Density

Form-Based Code

Fire Protection

Parking and Economic Development

Westwood Garden Apartments

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This website exists to provide information for you. The Gateway Plan — in its implications and consequences — is an extremely complex matter. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Only by being informed can the public and our elected and appointed officials make the needed determinations that will create a new Arcata.

The images, maps, information, viewpoints, and policies provided by the City planners and consultants are simply inadequate. People making decisions need information.

If there is information that you’d like, or you have questions or observations about the Gateway Plan, please write.

Here are some ideas and articles for recommended reading.
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Overview and Maps

Gateway Advisory Committee


And more !  Check back regularly.

If there is information that you’d like, or you have questions or observations about the Gateway Plan, please write.





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