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Saturday, February 4, 2023

About Us

Greetings.  First of all, “Us” is me — one person.

My name is Fred Weis.  I’ve lived in Arcata or nearby (Jacoby Creek for a year) for over 35 years, as both a renter and a homeowner.  In 35 years Arcata’s population has increased by about 50% — the same percentage as could occur in the next 7 or 10 years, with Cal Poly Humboldt’s expansion, with added students, faculty, staff, and all the people and jobs that accompany growth.

I’m not so naïve as to believe that things can stay the same.  And I am sufficiently optimistic and forward-thinking to imagine that Arcata can continue to be a unique and wonderful place for all of us to enjoy.

I built this website. For any article that doesn’t have a name on it, I’m the author.

I’m not a member of or associated with any group or organization.  For more on what led me to make this website, please read the “Why this website exists” page.

Solid information about the Gateway plan and development options is scattered all over, with some of it being difficult to decipher, or incomplete, or misleading. I wanted a spot that people could come to, to see, as examples, aerial views of Arcata and charts and figures that haven’t been supplied by the City. To me there needed to be website that people could use both as a reference source and to also contribute their ideas and viewpoints.

As another example, the letters to the City and the words of the speakers at the public meetings shouldn’t buried in a 451-page agenda packet (with no index or table of contents!) or nestled an hour or two in the middle of a video.  They should be available where anyone can read and benefit from them. I also feel that the City has severely misrepresented large aspects of this plan and that we in Arcata have a right and an interest in knowing what’s true.

It’s likely that there will be some people who enjoy and appreciate what I’ve put forth on this website, and others who don’t.  As you can see, there are currently no provisions for leaving comments on an article.  It’s not that I don’t want to hear your feedback and opinions — I do — but I don’t want argumentative discourse to get in the way of what we’re trying to do here. I can incorporate your commentary into an article, or, better yet, post an article you’ve written.

I’m easy to reach — you can send me a message through the “Contact Us” page and we can start a dialogue. If you want to communicate, please write — I’m here.

We want a good future; we want a good plan; we want a wonderful Arcata.  In that way we are all the same.

Thank you.