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L Street Linear Park

Sunset-101 Roundabouts — Let’s improve the design and make it SAFE

The traffic crossings are not safe. IT WILL ONLY TAKE ONE FATALITY to have us wishing that we'd thought about this more and done things differently. WITH PHOTOS of 3D images, models, and flashing beacon lights.

Sunset-101 Roundabout discussion – Video and transcripts — City Council, February 21, 2024

Video and Transcriptions on the Sunset-101 Roundabout discussion. From the City Council meeting, February 21, 2024. "If you can make those changes -- the full separated bike and pedestrian facilities, the additional traffic calming measures, and getting rid of the slip lanes."

Part 4 — Sunset/101 Roundabouts — How can this possibly be safe for bicyclists and pedestrians?

The Sunset-101 Interchange design: What is wrong with it. Can this design be improved? Is it safe?

Part 3 – Sunset and LK Wood / Highway 101 roundabouts — Letter to the City Council

The letter sent to the City Council. This item was on their agenda for the February 21, 2024 meeting. The overall design of this interchange does not seem safe -- not safe for bicyclists, for pedestrians, and not even safe for cars. WE CAN DO BETTER,

Part 2 – Sunset and LK Wood / Highway 101 roundabouts — Will this work? Is this safe?

Part 2. The multi-road intersections of Sunset Avenue, L. K. Wood Boulevard, G Street, H Street, and the four on-ramps/off-ramps for US Highway 101 are an acknowledged difficult situation. The solution that's provide is not, in my view, a good solution. I think this design would be the source of all kinds of problems. I believe there must be a better solution for us at this intersection. We can do better.

Part 1 – Sunset and LK Wood / Highway 101 roundabouts — Where are the bike lanes?

Here are images of the design of the roundabouts for the multiple-lane intersection of Sunset Avenue, L. K. Wood Boulevard, and the four on-ramps/off-ramps for US Highway 101. The question is: WHERE ARE THE BIKE LANES?

Suggestions for May 29, 2024: Gateway Area Plan, Gateway Code, General Plan, and EIR

To the City Council for the 1st public hearing at the Council on the General Plan, Gateway Area Plan, Gateway Code, and Program Environmental Impact Report. --- "As you must be aware, the Council is in a difficult situation here. You are being asked to approve a set of documents that are incomplete." With 5 very important topics suggested for review, and 5 other lesser but still very significant topics.

Gateway Plan and General Plan Updates – Newsletter – May 27, 2024

THIS NEWSLATTER WAS SENT OUT ON MONDAY, MAY 27, 2024. The two scheduled public hearings with the Arcata City Council take place on Wednesdays -- May 29 and June 5, 2024. If needed, the public hearing meetings will be continued. The City Council will consider, take public comment on, discuss, and perhaps vote to adopt the Gateway Area Plan, the Gateway Zoning Code, the Arcata General Plan 2045, and the Final Environmental Report.

L Street Pathway and Linear Park – Selected Articles

A selection of articles, maps, aerial images, and opinions on the L Street Corridor Linear Park and the proposal for and against the K-L Street couplet. Includes link to the Petition for the L Street Linear Park.

An absolutely awful building design for L Street and the Gateway Area Plan

THIS COULD BE BUILT right next to the woonerf or linear park. A form-based code does not prevent bad design. Utilizing the current Gateway Code, here are images of what could be built along the L Street corridor linear park and woonerf. HELP! To create a jewel of a woonerf, we need to improve the Gateway Code.

A good building design for the L Street corridor woonerf

Could we have buildings with human-scale design elements here in Arcata? Yes we can. Unless we specify what we want for the buildings along the L Street corridor, then it's a free-for-all situation. This potential jewel of Arcata will look like whatever developers want. With a list of GOOD DESIGN ELEMENTS and images of a building project that would fit into the Gateway area.

A successful woonerf and linear park in the L Street corridor needs Gateway Code policies

Requirements for a successful woonerf / linear park designation in the L Street Corridor. An initial draft of what must be added to the Gateway Code is included in this article. Reading time for the Code requirements, about 5 minutes; for the entire article about 10 minutes.

Form-Based Code – Selected Articles

Form-Based CodePresentations, Workshops, Documents Ministerial ReviewThe discussions on how it would be set up, and how it would work

L Street – 2010 Rail with Trail Feasibility Study

In June, 2010, the City of Arcata published a 160-page document titled "Arcata Rail With Trail Feasibility Study and Operations Plan." This detailed study is significant now for the Gateway Area Plan because of its depiction of how L Street would be converted into a Linear Park. With images and street designs. **** THIS IS A "MUST SEE" DOCUMENT by the Planning Commissioners, the City Council, and all citizens who want to see how exciting and desirable an L Street Corridor Linear Park could be.

Gateway Code: What is new — and wrong — in the “May 14, 2024, Version 5” version

This “May 14, 2024” version contains changes that the Planning Commission has never seen or discussed. It contains changes where the Commission said not to change. It contains inadequate changes for things that the Commission wanted changed. It's still missing many things that the Commission brought up and did not fully resolve. It has Inclusionary Zoning wrong. And still no planning for the L Street woonerf and linear park.

Why the decision on the L Street Linear Park is so important — and so crucial

An open message to Arcata's City Council, and to every living, breathing person in Arcata who cares about our future. ---- Does a decision need to be made as to the fate of L Street, whether it's going to be a park or a thoroughfare street, prior to Ben Noble formulating much of the Form-Based Code? ---- This is the Council's chance to take an appropriate leadership position. To act otherwise is hypocrisy.

The L Street Corridor — It’s a goldmine, waiting to happen

“L Street will be where the city and the trail converge, creating a vibrant community gathering space.”  ---- “Implementing the Arcata Rails With Trails] will help the region achieve a world-class recreation and transportation system. A multi-use trail facility will result in expanded recreation and mobility options for Arcata, Eureka, and Humboldt County residents and visitors, especially those who seek to integrate a healthy lifestyle into their daily activities.”

The L Street Linear Park Petition – over 1,170 names so far

James Becker and Patricia Cambianica have been collecting signatures of people in favor of the L Street Linear Park. As of May 9, 2023, they have gathered over 715 people's names. At the March 14, 2023, meeting of the Arcata Planning Commission, Jim showed the commissioners just what these signatures look like. 

Fred Weis speaks: The Gateway Code is not ready to be called “Final”

The April 23, 2024, meeting of the Arcata Planning Commission had a "final" review of the Gateway Area Code -- the document that defines the "look and feel" of all construction, parks, pathways, and so on that are part of the Gateway Area Plan. In the 3 minutes that are allowed for public comment -- on a document that is going to change the look of Arcata forever -- Fred Weis spoke on how the Gateway Area Code document needs considerable work before it can be considered complete.

What are the Greenways in the Gateway Code? Are they real?

The "Greenways" section is a highly confusing portion of the the draft Gateway Code. The Code should include this as guidelines for what will happen ("Greenways are required in the approximate locations shown in Figure 2-56."). But what is shown in the Code is clearly 100% overkill -- and some of it is absolutely impossible. The Gateway Code needs to be revised.

The City Council said “Yes” to the L Street linear park. David Loya tried to defy them.

The City Council requested the L Street corridor full-width linear park. For eight months, Arcata's Community Development Director did nothing. David Loya said, "I understand why it could have been confusing." But the Council's direction was not confusing to anyone but him.

The Great Redwood Trail draft Master Plan is here

The Great Redwood Trail is a planned 307-mile long trail system that starts in Blue Lake and runs though Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco counties -- all the way to San Francisco. One hundred miles of the trail is in Humboldt County, and about 11 miles of the trail in the southwest corner of Trinity County. You can view the draft Master Plan for the Great Redwood Trail draft master plan here.

Caltrans: Comments on the the draft EIR

There are many, many errors and omissions in the draft EIR for the General Plan update, as it was submitted. Here are the comments as submitted by Caltrans.

Maps of the Gateway Area – Selected Articles

Maps of the Gateway Area - Aerial Views - 3D images

David Loya: A trail will last “in perpetuity” — unless something else changes

"So as far as I know, at this point, the existing Class One multi-use trail will remain in its current location, in its current configuration, in perpetuity -- you know, until something else changes." -- From the March 12, 2024 Planning Commission meeting. A statement from Arcata's Community Development Director, David Loya, in which he illustrates once again that he uses language in ways that no other English-speaking person does -- and then expects us to believe what he says.

The Gateway Code along L Street: What could be built

The Form-Based Code for the Gateway area is now called the Gateway Code. It specifies the building height and massing for each of the four districts in the Gateway area:  Barrel, Corridor, Hub, and Neighborhood. I am not implying that 5-story or 7-story buildings will be built -- only that, by code, they can be built.

The Gateway Code (Form-Based Code) – THIRD DRAFT from Ben Noble, February 2024

This is the 3rd draft of the "Gateway Code" -- the form-based code for the Gateway Area Plan, as delivered from the City's consultant Ben Noble. Dated January 31, 2023. This article contains the 3rd draft, the 2nd draft from September 2023, and the 1st draft from June 2023.

David Loya’s L Street video is a big Brown Act violation

Reading time: 12-15 minutes. The Brown Act requires our public officials to tell the whole story. Not part of the story -- the whole story. They are required to include all the facts, and not just that portion of the facts that they want to be brought to the open. The David Loya "Proposed Circulation" video contains misrepresentations, omissions of fact, misstatements, and downright falsehoods. As such, it is a blatant violation of California's Brown Act.

The L-K Street Couplet — An Engineer’s View

The joint City Council / Planning Commission study session introduced big problems when an elated City Council considered the Transportation Safety Committee's strong recommendation for an L Street Pathway and Linear Park and tossed it out the window -- well, sent it back to the TransSafetyComm for them to review. This presentation was the cause. Is it filled with misleading and possibly false information? Read it, and you decide.

David Loya video: Gateway Area Plan Mobility, Trails, and Couplets — and L Street

28-1/2 minute video and a full transcription -- what it contains and what it omits. Discusses "Plan B" alternatives for a K-L Street couplet FOR THE FIRST TIME. Minimizes and omits the issues with putting a new road on L Street. Discusses the issues with the alternatives to L Street, and neglects to mention THOSE SAME ISSUES about L Street. Declines to discuss the most obvious alternate to a K-L Street couplet, which is: No new road there at all.

What if public transit was like Uber? A small city ended its bus service to find out

Estimated reading time:  6 minutes -- Wilson NC replaced its fixed-route large-bus public transit system with an on-demand minivan microtransit system.

To the Council/Commission: A high-density building, the State Density Bonus Housing Law, and reducing regulatory costs

Three new articles: A high-density building, the State Density Bonus Housing Law, and reducing regulatory costs. The State Density Bonus Housing Law and how it affects us here in Arcata is the single most important issue facing the Planning Commission with regard to the success of the Gateway Plan.

Linear Park and Woonerf examples for us to look at

What concepts for a full-width Linear Park in the L Street Corridor would work for Arcata? Here are some images from other cities to show what's worked for them.

Parks and Open Space

Parks, Open Space, and Solar Shading  

Dan Burden “Why Walkability Matters” — in Humboldt, July 2023 – Videos

NOW INCLUDES EUREKA COMMUNITY MEETING. Videos made during walkability expert Dan Burden's visit to Humboldt County on July 22-25, 2023. Free events took place in Arcata, McKinleyville, Eureka, and Blue Lake.

The Creamery District – Selected Articles

The Creamery District

The Gateway Area Plan: A modest proposal

Partial build-out of the Gateway Area Plan. The Plan was finally adopted in 2031, following nine years of discussion and community input. A minor typographical error in the final version resulted in a 70-story maximum height, rather than the previously agreed-upon 7 stories. As anticipated, many developers opted to build smaller buildings than the allowable maximum.

L Street as a new road: What the City Planners were proposing

The Full-Width Linear Park vs. the proposed K-L Street “Couplet” -- In terms of what the L Street pathway contributes to the joy and humanity of the Creamery District, if the southbound traffic currently on K Street were instead routed to L Street — Then the L Street Pathway as we know it and love it would have ceased to exist.