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L Street as a new road: What the City Planners were proposing

The Full-Width Linear Park vs. the proposed K-L Street “Couplet”

In terms of what the L Street pathway contributes to the joy and humanity of the Creamery District, if the southbound traffic currently on K Street were instead routed to L Street —
Then the L Street Pathway as we know it and love it would have ceased to exist.

From the draft Gateway Area Plan

A bucolic view of the City’s proposal for L Street as a one-way road. The little white cars are the size of a sub-compact Honda Fit or Nissan Versa, just 5-1/2 feet wide. The 12-foot-wide pathway plus 6-feet of vegetation between the pathway and the road is now being called a “Linear Park” by the City — an extremely disingenuous use of that term.

The same image, with real-size vehicles

The proposed L Street with typical large vehicles. The Ford F-150 is parked with the tires touching the curb. The little white car is seen here in front of a standard-size delivery truck. Pedestrians and cyclists share the pathway to the left of the central tree, just 6 feet from the noise of what would be all the southbound traffic from Alliance Road to Samoa Boulevard.

What could be built — completely theoretical, but in compliance with the Gateway Code

In the current Draft Gateway Plan, the L Street pathway could get just 5 hours of sun — in the middle of August. By mid-September, only 3 hours of sun a day. With a 12-1/2 hour day, if tall buildings were built alongside L Street, the pathway would be in shadow for 9-1/2 hours in the day — in September.

An L Street road with a delivery truck and parking

People have met on the pathway, just six feet away from a truck driving past.

Or a walkable, almost car-free “Woonerf”

From the “Rail with Trails Feasibility Study” put out by the City of Arcata in 2010. Slightly modified here: The rails have been removed, and the street is on one level, as a walkable woonerf. The gray area of pavement on the right side is open to 5 mph vehicle traffic.

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