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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Advisory Committee

Ann Warner — August 16, 2022

"It is important there is a citizen group involved to improve transparency, trust and community buy-in." "The city staff cannot begin to know or identify all the potential impacts of such a significant face-changing development, and the Gateway Plan Advisory Committee provides the citizens of Arcata a meaningful process by way to understand and participate."

Nancy Rehg — August 15, 2022

"A special advisory committee / task force would likely improve the public process and enhance the ultimate quality of the final plan. For example, in the past, the city benefited from council-appointed task forces such as the Arcata Task Force, the Plaza Improvement Task Force, the Solid Waste and Recycling Task Force, Aero Waste Task Force, General Plan 2020 Environmental Policy Task Force, Design & Historical Preservation Task Force, etc."

Brad Finney– August 15, 2022

"As a resident of Arcata for the past 43 years, I value the slow(er) paced lifestyle of our community, and the thoughtful planning that has resulted in moderate development that "fits in" over the past four decades." "I would encourage you to adapt the same sort of strategy for the Gateway Development Plan, using a citizen based advisory committee working with City staff to a plan that identifies and then addresses the range of opinions and concerns the community has concerning this issue."

Randy Klein — August 10, 2022

"Many flaws have been described in the draft plan, with Dr. Andrea Tuttle's the most comprehensive I am aware of." A letter of recommendation for the formation of an Advisory Committee to assist with the creation of the Gateway Plan.

Laura Estetter — August 10, 2022

"Thank you for supporting the Arcata Gateway Advisory Group. The group should have a seat at this table in determining the future of the City."

Dave Meserve — August 9, 2022

"I am hoping that you will support the creation of a Gateway Plan Advisory Committee, at tonight's meeting. It seems to me that an advisory committee could sort and consolidate all of the diverse opinions of residents about the Gateway Plan, and provide the Planning Commission with recommendations for a good path forward."

Aldaron Laird — August 9, 2022

"As a former Commissioner I don’t want to take up much of your valuable time before tonight’s meeting. I would like to ask that you support the formation of a Gateway Plan Advisory Committee. Sincerely, and thank-you for the hard work that you do!"

Greg King — August 9, 2022

"I support, and have signed onto, the proposal by Responsible Growth Arcata to create a Gateway Advisory Committee. The city's outreach to the community on the planning and pursuit of the Gateway plan has been inadequate, and I believe we need to regroup as an actual community so that the voices of people who live here in Arcata can be adequately heard and well incorporated into the planning process."

Kimberly White — August 8, 2022

"I agree with you, a task-force/committee is essential as we move forward with the Gateway Area Plan. It will actually speed up the process in the long run preventing both log jams and public mistrust. Transparency and community “buy in” is key. More than community “buy in”, it should be community driven with recommendations given to staff, City Council and the Planning Commission."

Brad Finney — August 8, 2022

"I served on such an advisory committee in the 1980s when the City was planning on upgrading the waste treatment facility." "While it might seem like a detour to slow the process down while the advisory committee works, I believe that ultimately the resulting plan will be better supported by the community and implementation of the new development will be smoother and quicker."

Responsible Growth Arcata — August 5, 2022

Request for the Arcata City Council to establish a Gateway Plan Advisory Committee, 1 page document. Accompanied with 82 signers including former Planning Commissioners and Committee members, members of the General Plan 2020 team, Cal Poly Humboldt professors, professional engineers, business owners, and more.

Faye Honoroff — August 5, 2022

*** 4 stories maximum *** "I urge you to consider the establishment of a GPAC[Gateway Plan Advisory Committee]. I've decided to write again to voice support that new structures not exceed a maximum of four stories. I have many other thoughts in regards to the Plan but trust those would be addressed by the GPAC."

Bob Stockwell — August 3, 2022

"In my opinion, the maximum height of any new structure within the proposed Gateway area should be limited to four stories only. Also, an advisory committee such as the one described below in the pdf, should be implemented in order to guarantee that the Arcata community truly has a voice in the planning of this project."

Faye Honoroff — August 1, 2022

"I feel the establishment of a GPAC [Gateway Plan Advisory Committee] would go a long way in addressing the concerns and hopes of the entire community. I urge you to consider the establishment of a GPAC."