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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Useful Links

Here is a list of useful links.  It will be updated as needed.  If you have a useful website that you’d like to see on this page, contact us.
And if you find misspellings or broken links, please contact us on that, too.

Recent additions:  June 7, 2022

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Facebook and other media    
Arcata Gateway District Community Facebook page with lively commentary
      328 members  
Arcata News Facebook page with topical Gateway articles & videos
City Documents      
General Plan – home page 2008   webpage
General Plan 2020 – Introduction 2008 Introduction 18 pgs
General Plan 2020 – 5th Cycle Housing Element 2008 [Appears to be gone. It was replaced with the 6th Cycle Housing Element.]  
General Plan 2020 – Land Use & Growth 2008   24 pgs
Housing Element – 6th Cycle 2019-2027 Dec 2019   34 pgs
    Appendix for Housing Element – 6th Dec 2019    
    Appendix pages on Gateway Dec 2019 With 2019 map and list of properties, APNs 10 pgs
Economic Development Strategic Plan   2010-2014 149 pgs
The Gateway Plan      
Arcata’s Strategic Infill Redevelopment Program (SIRP)     webpage
SIRP Related Materials – lots of great City of Arcata links webpage
FAQs for the Gateway Plan Dec 2021   webpage
Gateway Area Plan – home page Dec 2021   webpage
The Draft Gateway Area Plan 2022 Dec 2021 from Arcata 110 pages
Draft Gateway Area Plan Dec 2021 Archived on this website
Draft Gateway Area Plan Community Presentation- Video Dec 2021 Rob Holmlund video
1 hr 4m
Planwest documents      
PlanWest Proposal Feb 2021   133 pgs
Planning Agreement with Arcata April 2021 with scope of services and timeline 12 pgs


Community Visioning Sessions & Public Input – Videos and Summaries
Community Visioning Listening Session   ~40 participants Dec 18, 2020
Community Visioning, Session #2 Feb 25, 2021
Official City compiled notes from breakout groups
Arcata Housing Workshop – 5 page summary September 2019
  Contains the question:  If Arcata allowed high density housing without public review, what would you like to see provided in the following policy areas?
  Does not contain the question:  Why should it be without public review?
Arcata Projects      
Creekside Annexation Project 3/19-4/20   website
     Creekside Fiscal Analysis June 2018   48 pgs
Sorrel Place June-Oct 2019 4-story apartments
7th Street, I & J
     Sorrel Place plans Sept 2019   14 pgs
edgeconnex Data Center     8 plans


Other Cities      
McKinleyville Town Center Master Plan 2022   website
3D Model flyover of the McKinleyville Town Center Zoning and Design July 2021   Video, 2 minutes
Useful info  
Housing Data for Arcata Market data taken from the most recent 2021 American Community Survey census data.


Useful Tools      
Arcata GIS maps and APN site finder      
Humboldt County GIS maps      
ArcGIS online      
Online Protractor Useful as an overlay, for sun angles  


Interesting websites    
Ahwahnee Principles are a set of guidelines that emphasize sustainable urban planning practices
  Developed by the California-based Local Government Commission in 1991, a group of architects and other professionals in urban design.
Density Guide Calculator JHP Architecture Dallas TX
  A density guide calculator to help developers determine what type of building might meet the demands of each site.  From single-family-homes to 8-story mid-rise apts.
  Looks at the types of housing, evaluates the number of units per acre.
Could Tall Wood Construction Be the Future of High-Rise Buildings?
Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same