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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Draft Gateway Plan PDF

You can view the December 2021 draft Gateway Area Plan here with the viewer on this page. Some chapters are separated out, to make viewing easier.
The full document is also here — just scroll down the page some.

See other articles on this website for additional information. Especially valuable is the City’s official video presentation.  It is on this website — with commentary and opinion — in two forms:  With the audio, if you just want to read the transcription and listen to the audio, or with the video and the transcription so you can watch and read at the same time — the video appears in a small box at the lower right.

If you prefer to view it with your standard PDF viewer, you can use this link:
Link to the Draft Gateway Plan PDF. 110 pages.

Gateway At-A-Glance  Summary

Community Benefits and Development Standards – Chapter 2

Pages 48-51

Design and Architectural Standards – Chapter 9

Pages 94-98

Housing Chapter – Chapter 3

Pages 52-53.  That’s correct:  Just 1 & 1/2 pages on “Housing.”

Complete December 2021
Draft Gateway Area Plan document

110 pages.


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