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The Myth of “Privately-Owned Publicly-Accessible” Open Spaces

Reading time: 14 minutes -- The "Privately-Owned Publicly-Accessible" Open Space program is another ill-conceived aspect of the Gateway Plan. Again, noble in concept -- and unlikely to give desired results in its execution. A look at the design of the Privately-Owned Publicly-Accessible Open Space program, to see how it can be improved. With maps, commentary, and SOLUTIONS.

Petition to establish the L Street Linear Park

A citizens' petition to permanently establish the L Street corridor as a Linear Park, creating a walkable quiet open space running the length of the Gateway area.

The L Street Pathway

The L Street pathway could be a community jewel in the heart of the Gateway area. The City wants it to be a high-traffic road, taking all the southbound car and truck volume from Alliance Road to Samoa Boulevard.

The L Street Pathway Deception

The "couplet" created by making K Street and L Street be one-way, one-lane streets seems unlikely to happen. And if it were to take place, the joyful humanity of the current L Street Pathway would be destroyed. Why does it seem that the City is not being forthcoming on this? Why aren't we presented with alternatives?

Quimby Act Dreams — How do we get parks in Gateway?

The "plan" for human-access parks in the Arcata Gateway area is woefully inadequate. To make the Gateway area livable for thousands of people, we need real parks.

Letter to the Parks & Recreation Committee – July 13, 2022

Letter submitted to the Arcata Parks and Recreation Committee for their July 13th, 2022 meeting. Agenda item:  “Consider the Gateway Area Plan and provide a recommendation to Council”

Gateway Needs Parks!

Sure, there's open space.  But where are the parks? Gateway needs parks! How is Arcata going to supply adequate parks for 2,000 people? Parks = Community. Places to meet, talk, hang out. Children's playgrounds too. If we don't insist on this, it's not going to happen.