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Meetings: Dates, Notes, Information

This page will be updated for the new meetings — Come back for more info.

Community-Led Meeting
Tuesday, September 5th

at the Arcata Playhouse  5:30 to 7:00 PM
First Tuesday of every Month:  Sept 5, Oct 3, November 7 and on.
Come early!

Want to spread the word? Download a flyer that you can print out, post around Arcata, or give to your friends. To print out flyers for this meeting:

Background:  The Gateway Plan, The L Street Linear Park

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For your comments, questions, and concerns about the Gateway Area Plan, you contact or call Fred Weis     fred @   707 – 822 – 4400.


What is the Gateway Area Plan?

The Gateway Area Plan is a long-range plan that’s being developed by the City of Arcata with the expressed purpose of adding housing to areas near downtown.

The original proposal was for buildings with height limits of five to eight stories, based on the “district” or area. The June 2023 current proposal is for seven stories maximum.

The plan includes having K Street be changed to be one-lane one-way going north, from Samoa Boulevard to Alliance Road. And developing what is called “L Street” (which is not currently a through road) into a one-lane one-way street going south, from Alliance to Samoa. This design puts a truck route right alongside the Creamery Building, in the heart of the Creamery District. While technically the current pathway would survive, the serenity and pleasantness of the current pathway would be ruined by cars and trucks rolling by, just six feet from the pathway.  For more info on the L Street “couplet” issue, see L Street – Proposed design does not fit and The Street Linear Park – Overview here on

The plan has been worked on in concept for several years, with the first draft made public in December 2021, about a year and a half ago and an updated draft in October 2022. That recent draft can be seen here.


To print out flyers for this meeting




To learn more about the Gateway Area Plan

You can poke around here on, and follow your interests to explore the over 300 articles on this website. There are articles on the practicality of the plan (it’s not very feasible) and on the political headaches; on the lack of playgrounds and parks; on the complete destruction of what we now enjoy as the L Street Pathway; and — most importantly — on the lack of the ability to create housing that people of Arcata can afford to live in or purchase.

Unfortunately, so much of the Gateway Area Plan is presented as technical, obscure information that is not easy to access and understand. It’s my opinion that is done on purpose — to keep people such as yourself away from the decisions that are being made — decisions that affect you.

Please do feel free to write if you have any questions or wish to discuss any of these matters. And if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see added to

For your comments, questions, and concerns about the Gateway Area Plan, you contact or call Fred Weis     fred @   707 – 822 – 4400.


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