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Parking in the Gateway Area

Parking, as specified in the Gateway Area Plan

Arcata's Economic Development Committee

Economic Development Committee’s recommendations on Parking: Lost in the process?

Here's what they said on parking: "Must ensure that sufficient parking provided for both residents and visitors to and employees of local businesses, given rural nature of area and to ensure that parking doesn’t infringe on nearby/local residential neighborhoods. Don’t presume that students, staff, or residents won’t have cars needing to be parked somewhere. 80% of current students are non-local. " **** Here's what ended up in the General Plan recommendations: "Ensure adequate parking for local businesses and employees."

Economic Development Committee – Gateway Plan recommendations, drafts, and video

UPDATED WITH DRAFTS and the August 2, 2022 video ---- The Economic Development Committee's Recommendations for the General Plan update. From their August 2, 2022 meeting.

Economic Development Committee says: Where’s the parking?

During the transition from discussion to final document, it seems that many issues raised by the Economic Development Committee are not included in the final document. Among what is absent was their stance on adequate parking for business and residential purposes. Also: "Don't presume that students, staff, or residents won't have cars needing to be parked somewhere. 80% of current students are non-local."

Where's the Parking?

Getting rid of parking in Arcata: A social engineering experiment

The Gateway code includes a MAXIMUM number of parking spaces at 1 per every 4 units -- which works out to one per every 4 to 8 tenants. A restaurant with a staff of six and hosting 35 or 40 diners would have a MAXIMUM of ONE space. How will this work out for Arcata?

Gateway Street Parking: Why it will be inadequate

The Draft Gateway Plan pretends that there will be an increase in on-street parking in the Gateway area. In actuality, there will be 50% or so of current parking spaces. In some blocks, there will be less than 25% of what is there now.

Gateway: No Cars Allowed

In the Gateway Plan, if a developer does not want to supply any parking whatsoever for the residents of newly-constructed apartments, that's an option. But if the developer wants to include enough parking spaces to make those apartments be competitive with other apartments in Arcata? Can't do that. The number of parking spaces that can be provided AT A MAXIMUM amounts to one parking space for every 4 to 8 residents.

Nick Lucchesi letter from January 2022 — now 16 months later

A letter from Nick Lucchesi of Pacific Builders, dated January 15, 2022. ** A must-read letter. **

Photos from around the world

Bike Sharing in China makes for BIG problems – See the photos!

Almost everything in China is done on a scale that is just about unimaginable for us. So what happens when bike-sharing companies that own millions of bikes go out of business? The photos here tell the story.