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Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Gateway Plan Advisory Committee

At the Tuesday, August 9th Planning Commission meeting, a period of over an hour  (plus subsequent questions and discussion) was devoted to the presentation by Scott McBain for plans for a Gateway Plan Advisory Committee.  Scott made a similar presentation to the City Council on

The video of Scott’s presentation can be seen here.

Letters sent to the City Council and the Planning commission about the Advisory Committee can be seen here.

The original one-page proposal was accompanied with 82 signers. The signatories include former Planning Commissioners and Committee members, members of the General Plan 2020 team, Cal Poly Humboldt professors, professional engineers, business owners, and more. 

The original proposal and that list of 82 names can be viewed here, below.


Gateway Plan Advisory Committee introduced: PlanCom August 9th meeting

Introduction to the Gateway Plan Advisory Committee, as presented at the August 9th Planning Commission meeting. What is it and what will it do?

The Gateway Plan Advisory Committee: Why it’s crucial

If the City Council chooses to go forward without the formation of this Advisory Committee, the completion of a good Gateway plan is, in my view, doomed to fail. Sorry to say that, but it’s sure how it seems to me.

Steve Railsback – August 18, 2022 letter

EXCELLENT - A MUST READ LETTER -- "I am an Arcata resident and business license holder, and served on the Energy Task Force that preceded the permanent Energy Committee. The controversy over recusal at last night's meeting perfectly illustrates the kinds of trust issues the Plan now has. An advisory committee could make it clear to the community that key decisions are not being made behind closed doors by people with vested interests, and could turn skeptics into enthusiastic participants. Without such a committee, it's hard to see how the Plan could be anything but divisive."

These 3 pages are from the Planning Commission agenda packet, pages 33-35.  First is a one-page summary of how the Advisory Committee would be set up and what it would do, and then two pages with the 82 people who have signed up to support it.