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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Gateway Videos and Media presentations

Videos will be added to this page.  Most recent videos added:  May 12, 2022

Arcata News.  January 16, 2022

3 minutes 42 seconds

Arcata News has made an informative brief video that provides an accurate summation of some of the background of the Gateway plan.  Released about 6 weeks following the public introduction to the draft Gateway plan document.  Facebook page link

KEET Headline Humboldt — January 14, 2022

Interview with Arcata Community Development Senior Planner Delo Freitas.
Section runs from the start up to 22 minutes 10 seconds.

Draft Gateway Area Plan Community Presentation

with Rob Holmlund, formerly of Planwest   December 13, 2022
1 hour 4 minutes

To view this video with an entire transcription (in English or Español), click here.

This introduction to the Draft Gateway Area Plan was presented shortly after the draft document was released.  It explains the Draft Plan on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Unfortunately, there are large factual flaws in this presentation.  These issues are covered in an an article on this website and can be seen by clicking here.

Of particular noteworthiness is section the potential build-out of the area where Wing Inflatables is currently located.  This 4-minute section starts at around 27 minutes 14 seconds.

Strategic Infill Redevelopment Program CEQA Agency Scoping Presentation

April, 2022    25 minutes 49 seconds

Note the population increase graphs, starting at 21 minutes.  The chart shows the difference between 20% growth and 54% growth over a 20-year period are shown.

On November 10, 2020, David Loya spoke at a “brown bag” lunch hosted by the Redwood Coast Chapter of the AEP/APA [Association of Environmental Professionals, American Planning Association].

Synopsis:  “Arcata Gateway Project: The K Street corridor is a de facto gateway to Arcata, its Downtown, and the Creamery District. It is also low hanging fruit on the post-RDA redevelopment tree. David Loya, Director of Community Development, will discuss how to use planning, stakeholder engagement, and multi-sector alignment to spark community revitalization.”
[Note:  “Post-RDA” refers to the previous city Redevelopment Agencies, which were closed in 2011.]