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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Arcata Planning Commission with Ben Noble – February 11, 2023

Form-Based Code Study Session:
Building Placement and Massing Standards
Building Design Standards

Part 1:  Building Placement and Massing Standards
2 hours 3 minutes


This is the video for the first half of the presentation.
Below the video are the two audio players.
Following that are the PowerPoint slides that were projected, and the pages of the “Lookbook” with photos of buildings that were used for reference in the discussions.

Ben will refer to both the slides and the Lookbook. When that happens, you can put the video or audio player on pause if you like while you scroll down the page and find the slide that he’s talking about.

If you know how to do this on your smartphone or computer, one way to view this is to open up two (or more) browser tabs or windows. Have all the browser tabs set to the same webpage, and then switch among your browser tabs for quick access to the video, the slides, or the Lookbook.
Pressing/Clicking on this link will open this same page up in a new window.

The sound track on the video is not bad, but it’s not great. If you want, just listen to the sound track on the YouTube video.

One of the audio recordings will be more clear than the others — depending on who is speaking. You can switch among the three audio tracks by muting the sound on the two that you do not want. Click on the little speaker icon to mute or unmute the sound for that audio track.

If you want more clarity to hear what people are saying, then you will want to try one of the alternate audio tracks.

There are 3 audio tracks to choose from. The upper audio player had its microphone placed near where Commissioners Julie Vaissade-Elcock and Judith Mayer were sitting, and is also good for when people were speaking from the podium.  The lower audio player had its microphone placed near where Commissioners Peter Lehman, Matt Simmons, Dan Tangney, Scott Davies, and consultant Ben Noble and Community Development Directory David Loya were sitting.

If one of the tracks you are listening to is not quite in sync, just press the Pause key on the track that is ahead, wait a few seconds (more or less) and press Play again. Or Pause everything, look at the time shown on the video, and adjust the time on the audio players (by sliding the circle left or right) so they show the same playing time (or close to it).





Note: Press all three “start” buttons to get started, and then mute the YouTube video and the lower audio player.
Start out with muting the video because there is some bad noise on the audio. After about a minute, you can go turn on the video and the “Ben” side (one at a time) and see which audio player is best for you.

The audio will start before the video. The beginning of the video is a bit shaky, but it smooths out.

    The upper audio player is better for Commissioners Julie Vaissade-Elcock and Judith Mayer.

PowerPoint slides for the presentation


The “Lookbook”

Ben Noble’s “Lookbook” with images of buildings, to view their architectural and Form-Based Code features: