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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Building & Massing Presentation – An Overview

The Building & Massing Presentation that arrived on August 12 provides so much needed information, along with the first glimpses of the long-awaited 3D modeling. Because the Building & Massing Presentation is so critical to our understanding of the Gateway plan, there will be a variety of articles here devoted to it. There’s more than one way to view the presentation, including transcriptions taken from the videos — so you can read it while you watch. And I’ll be having new 3D images here, as they arrive. All in all, this page is a great launching spot to learn more — and see more — about the Gateway plan and how the apartment buildings will actually be developed. Come back for more!  This page will be added to regularly.  Last addition to this page:  August 14, 2022. Any words that are blue can be clicked on.

The full Building & Massing Presentation

The video presentation.  The full 47-minute video — just the video, no transcription of comments. To watch each sections, along with the transcription and comments: 

Sections of the Building & Massing Presentation

    1. Current and Proposed Height Standards
    2. Solar Shading
    3. Proposed Setbacks and Massing Impacts
    4. Height Ratios and Unit Calculations
    5. Financial Feasibility of Development

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