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Saturday, February 4, 2023



Draft Gateway Plan WordCloud

Which words are repeated hundreds of times in the draft Gateway plan? And which words are conspicuous by their absence? Hint: You won't find the word "sun" or "sunshine" there. Or "solar shade" or "solar shadow" either. There are over 28,000 words in this document. "House" and "Home" do not appear even once.

Sea Level Rise – the basics

Sea Level Rise could affect plans for the Gateway area. See maps here of what Sea Level Rise looks like.

City Council selects two new Planning Commissioners – January 4, 2023

Videos and discussion of the City Council's process of selecting two new Planning Commissioners. Choosing a new Planning Commissioner for Arcata is an important task. The ideas and opinions and visions that are promoted (or withheld) by the two new Planning Commissioners in the discussions on the Gateway Area Plan will have the potential to change the look and feel of Arcata for the next 50 or 100 years. 

Links to ADU information, design ideas, and more

Links to other websites with photos, designs, and discussion about Accessory Dwelling Units.

Prefab Tiny Homes in Villages all over U.S.

The Everett, Washington-based company "Pallet" is making $7,500 prefab tiny homes that can be setup in 1 hour to help solve the homelessness crisis. Its smallest $7,500 64-square-foot unit "Pallet 64" is now being used in villages across the US.

Organic Food Waste: It’s very considerate of people….

"It's very considerate of people to separate their trash." Perhaps require new construction to accommodate or have collection services for food-waste -- as is done in Korea currently.

Density Guide for Housing Types

A density guide that shows the variety of types of housing that is suitable for different density levels.  Which types would be suitable for Arcata?

Rentals Percentage in Arcata: “Do the math”

Arcata's Gateway plan could add 3,500 apartments to our town, as Cal Poly Humboldt expands. Unless more than 60% of all new apartments are owner-occupied condos, Arcatans will have small chance of owning their homes.

Homelessness 85 years ago: How can you keep on moving?

Ry Cooder from his second album "Into the Purple Valley," 1972. The song is a Depression Era late-1930s song, in protest to California's "No More Migration" laws. Also here is the Sis Cunningham version from 1976,

Arcata plans for future influx of residents – January 30, 2019

Arcata State of the City 2019 report. "“Other parts of the state are going to become uninhabitable,” David Loya said. “We aren’t going to prevent people from moving here; there’s going to be climate migration, so we need to plan for it.”

Affordable Housing ‘Outside the Box’

Providing housing for working-class people does not involve rocket science. Major technological breakthroughs aren't required to create low-income housing. It is a matter of national will.

City of Arcata Documents

Here you can read Arcata City documents. City Council agendas, Infill Market Study....

In the media:  Articles and links — Local

A growing collection of local articles and links that pertain to Gateway, Arcata, Humboldt, California, national, global, and (perhaps) galactic issues.  Please send us links to your favorites so they can be added.

Transcript: Planning Commission meeting — February 8, 2022

Transcript with added commentary. Includes misguided views on the cost of housing. Public comment from Carlisle Douglas.

The Gish Gallop — and Brandolini’s Law

The Gish Gallop is a rhetorical technique in which a person attempts to overwhelm their opponent by providing an excessive number of arguments with no regard for the accuracy or strength of those arguments.

Useful Links

A list of useful links, including links to the City of Arcata documents, Community Visioning workshops, and many interesting and valuable websites.

In the media:  Articles and links — non-local

A growing collection of non-local articles and links that pertain to Gateway, Arcata, Humboldt, California, national, global, and (perhaps) galactic issues.  Please send us links to your favorites so they can be added.

“Arcata News” video of the Gateway Plan

Excellent brief video about the background and basis of the Gateway plan. Date: January 16, 2022. 3 minutes 42 seconds

Facebook Conversations #1: April 9, 2022

Here are some citizens' views, as expressed on Facebook. From April 9, 2022. Tom Wheeler, Chris Richards, Aaron DeBruyn, Meredith Matthews, Bonnie Carroll, Lee Torrence.

Draft Gateway Plan PDF

The December 2021 draft Gateway Area Plan. In chapters for easy viewing.